a listening bar

Welcome to migas.
Deep experiences of music, conversations and sometimes even dancing can coexist here thanks to a great sound system and mindful acoustic design.
Come celebrate every moment with a vast and careful selection of tunes, our own vermouth and the most delicious olives we could find.

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Visit us:
migas is 150m from S+U Wedding at Lindower Straße 19, Berlin. Wheelchair accessible.

We are open:
Thu – Sat 19:00 – 02:00
Sun 19:00 – 22:00

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Just come by, we don’t take reservations.

We are open. Work in progress. Follow the groove

migas follows in the tradition of Japanese listening bars.

Listening bars, known as Jazz kissa, emerged in Japan in the 1920s. Here, jazz music was played on high-quality sound systems for dedicated listening rather than as background music. This experience was much more affordable when done together.

Today, listening bars for many musical genres exist all over the world and enable us to perceive recorded sound distinctly and with great pleasure. We are greatly indebted to Japanese audiophiles for this heritage.

Broadly speaking, at migas, you will seldomly hear your typical club music. The music selection covers obscure, weird, popular and geographically diverse chapters of music history as well as current releases.

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